5 ways to eat breakfast on the go

For us weekday warriors, breakfast isn’t much of a break and needs to be fast. Ideally, we’d be leisurely feasting over a cornucopia of breakfast goods like we’re in a vintage cereal commercial each morning; realistically, we’re shoveling a dry protein bar down our gullets while trying to beat rush hour traffic. 

Not surprisingly, on-the-go people need breakfast on the go. And personally, I want options that extend beyond a sad thermos of coffee or a crusty Nature Valley bar that detonates into a million crumbs all over my car’s interior upon unwrapping. Whether you’re a busybody or simply not a functional morning person (like me), you’re in luck: There are plenty of healthy, filling, and tasty grab-and-go breakfasts available to tide you over.

Best breakfast on the go

From protein pancakes to portable cereal, my ideal quick breakfast doesn’t require much prep, cleanup or too many ingredients from my kitchen. While I’m always on a quest for the best, these are my star players at the moment: 

Overnight oats 

Instead of waking up earlier to prepare breakfast, let breakfast make itself while you sleep. Unlike traditional oatmeal that requires boiling oats, overnight oats don’t require any cooking. Typically mixed with milk or a dairy-free alternative, overnight oats are left in the fridge (you guessed it, overnight) to hydrate and soften up, creating a delectable texture. 

While you can hydrate plain overnight oats then add extras like fruit, spices and nuts to the mix in the morning, there are brands that will do all of the heavy lifting for you to make it even easier. 

Oats Overnight

Oats Overnight - Classic Variety Pack (16 Meals)

Oats Overnight – Classic Variety Pack (16 Meals)

Oats Overnight



Oats Overnight offers protein and superfood-rich oatmeal that comes in a variety of flavors and caters to a range of dietary preferences. Each individual gluten-free packet contains at least 22 grams of protein, and there are vegan and caffeinated flavors to choose from as well.  

Just pour 8oz of milk or milk substitute into the BlenderBottle (which comes free with every first order), add in a pack of Oats Overnight, shake to mix and stick in the refrigerator before bed. When you wake up you’ll have a complete meal ready to run out the door with. My favorite is the Green Apple Cinnamon flavor, which is filling enough to get me through the workday (and also tastes great warmed up in the microwave). They even offer a subscription, so you’ll never run out of meals. 

Purely Elizabeth Collagen Oatmeal Cups

Purely Elizabeth Gluten-Free Collagen Oats Cup, Blueberry Walnut (4 Ct.)

Purely Elizabeth



These gluten-free collagen oat cups are a healthy and versatile on-the-go breakfast option. Made with superfoods such as amaranth, quinoa flakes and chia seeds, Purely Elizabeth’s oatmeal cups have nutrition labels with ingredients you can pronounce and feel good about. 


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