Department of Behavioral Wellness Joins Foodbank to Support Mental Health | Good for Santa Barbara

Posted on May 3, 2022
| 9:00 a.m.

The Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness is partnering with the Foodbank to distribute mental health resource materials that support taking action for one’s own mental health, as well as helping others, during May, which is Mental Health Matters Month.

Foodbank plans to distribute the resource materials to nearly 7,000 families.

The pandemic has greatly affected the number of people impacted by food insecurity both locally and globally. According to research studies, in addition to the physical impact food insecurity has on a person, it also affects mental health. Studies show a link in food insecurity to feelings of anxiety, depression, and even thoughts of suicide among youth.

During the pandemic, a meta-analysis of 19 studies with more than 370,000 participants worldwide found food insecurity significantly increases the risk of depression and stress, especially for men and people older than 65.

One way to address the problem of food insecurity is through organizations like Foodbank which will be providing nutritious food as well as mental health resources.

One’s mental health deserves the same attention as physical health, but is far too often overlooked or ignored. During May is Mental Health Matters Month, there is a renewed focus on the actions people can take in Santa Barbara County to support mental health.

The recently launched Take Action for Mental Health statewide campaign builds on established approaches and provides resources to equip Californians to support their own mental health and that of people they care about. 

The Take Action for Mental Health campaign focuses on three key actions: check in, learn more, and get support: 

Check in on your mental health and the mental health of those you care about. Start a conversation to see how you can help or support yourself or others.
Learn more about mental health needs and explore the self-care, services, and supports available to help find a path forward.
Get support for yourself or someone you care about by reaching out and connecting with tools and resources available in your community.

Californians are urged to Pledge to Take Action for Mental Health. The pledge states:

I Pledge to Take Action for Mental Health

I will Check In with myself to identify mental health needs.
I will Learn More about mental health.
I will Get Support for my own mental health and support the mental health of others.
I will share this pledge with others to help them take action too!

“Behavioral Wellness supports the Take Action for Mental Health Campaign and will continue to take action in service for our community, for many years to come,” said Antonette “Toni” Navarro, cirector of Behavioral Wellness.

To learn more about the county’s Department of Behavioral Wellness, visit For assistance accessing Behavioral Wellness services, call the 24/7 toll free Crisis Response and Services Access Line, 888-868-1649.

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