Fit for Life: 3 Ways to Make Your Life Easier

Saturday, May 07, 2022


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Life’s a challenge. It’s hard, but not impossible and the following article will make things easier for you.

If life were easy, we would all be millionaires with 6 pack abs.

Who wants to be broke & unhealthy?


Despite some people that live in denial, and won’t admit it, no one wants to be struggling financially or worrying about their health rapidly diminishing over time, yet it happens regularly to a lot of people.

I heard some statistics last week, and 80% of the population lives paycheck to paycheck & over 65% of the population is obese. These are staggering numbers, and they will continue to elevate unless big changes are made.

Some changes can be made today on an individual basis, and some changes need to be made on a national level over time, so I am going to focus on what we can do as individuals to improve our current situation.

First, I want to lightly touch on finances. I am not an expert in this field; however, I know on a personal level that I’m responsible for everything in my life, and that gives me the power and control to change my circumstances.

That includes MY economy, not the nations.

I see first-hand how some gyms like mine are generating 7 figures, and it’s up to me to put a plan in place to make that happen. Covid KILLED the gym business these past few years, but now the demand for health and fitness is higher than ever.

Therefore, it’s up to me to capitalize on what’s on the horizon and leave the past behind. There are more people than ever that need our help to change their lives for the better, and I would be doing our population a disservice if we weren’t available to help them.

I lost, and I lost big. Despite some government assistance, these last few years put me in a hole that has been a tremendous effort to climb out of, but we did it, and continue to grow.

If I were to stay in the past, and wallow about the negative effects the pandemic put on our industry, we would be moving in the opposite direction. So, my options were clear. Rebuild, and move forward, or close the doors and die.


Has it been easy? Absolutely not. Will it get any easier? Doubtful? Do we let difficult situations slow or stop us? Hell no!

And the same goes for your health and fitness.

I noticed a split in the population these last few years. Some people used the downtime to take care of themselves and improve their health and fitness, and others let it destroy their health and fitness.

I noticed it to be either one extreme or the other, and we are here to help people on both levels.

The ones that stayed strong during the pandemic, and didn’t give up on themselves, still need great coaches and an awesome facility to workout in. We provide both at Providence Fit Body Boot Camp.

The folks that took the wait and see approach, or just gave up all together now need the guidance, accountability, and motivation to turn things around and get their health and fitness back in line. We provide a non-judgmental environment that will help anyone willing to put in the work and effort change their lives for the better.


How do we do that, you may be asking?

First, we explain the simplicity of getting your health and fitness back. I said simple, NOT easy.

The 4 foundational habits that will get you fit are: Hydration, Sleep, Workouts, and Proper Nutrition. Just drink 1/2 your body weight in oz. of water daily, limit processed food, sleep 7 hours & workout 3x or more weekly.

Simple right?

Now here is the challenge: You need to develop the mindset that will make the 4 foundational principles non-negotiable habits that you incorporate in your daily routine.


The first one is The BIG D – Discipline. Without this, you will never accomplish anything.

Discipline is essential when you want to eat fast food crap or shove a cupcake in your face.

Discipline is required when it’s cold, dark, and rainy out, and that alarm goes off at 4:30 am and you want to hit snooze. Discipline needs to shine when you are watching tv and your bedtime comes up in the middle of an awesome show. You need discipline when the waitress asks if you want another round.

When you are tired and don’t feel like it, it’s those discipline muscles that get you through.

I have a saying that I run through a loop in my head when I don’t feel like doing something, and it goes like this “The pain of discipline hurts less and doesn’t last as long as the pain of regret.”

Meaning that once you get past that initial negotiation with the “little bitch” in your head that tells you to take the easy way out, you are golden. As opposed to giving in and living with the regret for hours or even days, because you didn’t keep a commitment to yourself. Let the beast within win the negotiation, by applying the discipline muscles.

Preparation is next. Preparation is key because it lightens the load of your discipline muscles.

When you are prepared, you don’t need to exercise as much discipline because you make difficult tasks much easier to accomplish.

If you have a healthy lunch and snacks prepared, you won’t need to worry about being tempted to eat junk or fast food. When you pack your gym bag the night before, you will have less to think about in the am. If you reverse engineer your sleep time, you know when it’s time for bed.

Without preparation, things that should be easy, become more difficult and you are more likely to fall off your good habits in search for the easy road.

When you invest a minimal amount of time to prepare, big tasks get much easier to accomplish.

Consistency is the last element we will discuss today.

Like I said earlier, regardless of your goal, whether it be fitness or finances, you need to put in the work EVERYDAY.


You won’t be fit or successful in any area of life without consistency.


You can’t workout and eat healthy only sometimes and expect to see results.

You can’t advertise and market infrequently and expect to have a thriving business.

You can’t save money occasionally and create financial freedom for yourself.

You can’t attend self-development workshops once and expect to light the world on fire forever.


Anything that will help you advance in life needs to be done repeatedly and consistently in order to see results.

Yes, the formula is simple and it’s something everyone knows, but it is far from easy.

It’s no secret that hard work and dedication will net you positive returns in everything you do, but are you willing to take the steps needed?

Although we all wish there was a faster and easier way to achieve our goals, I am sorry to inform you that there’s not.

It takes not only time, but within that time, preparation, discipline, and consistency need to be present every day.

Will there be setbacks, roadblocks, and obstacles along the way? Most likely.

Will there be days you want to say [email protected] it and quit? Most definitely.

Will there be times when progress halts regardless of how hard you work. Probably.


So go into everything you do knowing that things will be difficult, and we will be tested every day, but also know that quitting, or giving up won’t speed up the process.


Committed to your success,

Coach Matt



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