Nahibu gets health practitioners up to speed on gut microbiota science

500 health professionals have already signed up to Nahibu PRO, a consultation management platform that was developed with the aim of facilitating patient care in this fast-moving area of health science.

“Knowledge of the human gut microbiome is a recent science, but it is moving very fast. Numerous scientific and clinical studies around the world are contributing to this growing knowledge base and are demonstrating the importance of the gut microbiome in health and wellbeing,” ​Nahibu co-founder Pierre Cressard told this publication.

“Overall, in the health and wellness professional’s community, the feeling is as follows: a health revolution is underway and the gut microbiome is the central key to this change.

“That said, there is a huge need for those professionals to be trained and prepared to include the gut microbiome as part of their everyday practice,” ​he added.

Bridging the knowledge gap

Recognising the gap that exists between healthcare provision and developments in microbiota science, Nahibu launched Nahibu PRO – a digital platform that healthcare professionals can register with to access online training and resources on the microbiota, patient microbiota analysis data and new patients.

“By registering on the platform, health practitioners have access to new patients, as well as their results and scientific resources to support them digitally in their practice,”​ said Cressard.

Nahibu PRO membership gives health professionals access to a series of free training modules that will allow them to add microbiota expertise to their practice.

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