October skincare: Five ways to get glowing, tan-free skin this fall season

October marks the beginning of the festive season in India. The pre-fall month, however, is defined by dry breeze and intermittent heat spells that tend to exacerbate skin problems like dullness, excess oil and dry patches.

“Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get glowing, healthy skin. Let’s take a look at five ways to cheat the sultry weather and soothe the burns and tans,” says Dr Aseem Sharma, chief dermatologist Skin Saga Centre for Dermatology, Mumbai and medical consultant at ENTOD Pharmaceutical.

Be gentle

Though it is important to completely remove pore-clogging dirt and oils from the skin, it’s crucial to be gentle. It is recommended to stay away from drying soaps and harsh scrubs that can do more damage. It’s always a good idea to use a cleansing oil to get rid of the impurities and grime and use a gentle cleanser to remove the oil.

Include exfoliation in skin care routine

For a glowing complexion, exfoliation is important. The major reason behind the dull, flaky and dry look of the skin is the accumulation of dead cells on the outer layers. With exfoliation, it is possible to get rid of the layers and expose fresh skin that looks smoother, younger and healthier. One should start with a couple of exfoliations every week and depending on the skin toleration, increase the frequency.

Avoid travelling in the afternoon hours

The afternoon hours, especially the time from 11 am to 3 pm, is when the heat is extreme outside. So, it’s always better to avoid travelling to reduce skin tan and burn. Those who have no option but to go outside during this time should make sure they wear light-coloured clothes that are airy. Also, one should keep a water bottle and wet tissues handy to stay cool and hydrated.

Watch your diet

It’s important to keep a watch on the diet to get radiant, glowing skin even. It is necessary to include lots of vegetables like spinach, carrots, beans, peas and tomatoes along with fruits and nuts to optimise nutrition and provide the body with the key ingredients for healthy skin.

Use sunscreen

Applying sunscreen can go a long way in preventing suntans. For Indian skin tones, any sunscreen containing an SPF of 30 or above is recommended. By blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun, sunscreen greatly reduces the chances of getting a tan. Sunscreen is also effective in preventing dark spots and discolouration of the skin. It helps prevent skin pigmentation, aging, and rough, dulling texture.

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