Palak Tiwari’s most valuable advice from mom Shweta Tiwari: ‘To keep my head on my shoulder, concentrate on what matters’

Palak Tiwari may just have a couple of songs in her kitty, but the starlet has already taken the industry, and of course, social media by storm. Not only is she admired for her charming screen presence, but also for her impeccable style choices and happy demeanor. Daughter of well-known actor Shweta Tiwari, Palak — who has just begun her career — feels that success and failure are “part and parcel” of one’s journey and that “it’s prudent to tread cautiously when it comes to taking failure too strongly to your heart.” So how does she deal with the pressure, you ask? She simply swears by a mantra shared by her mother.

In an exclusive email interaction with, Palak Tiwari reveals the magic words she holds close to her heart, instant fame, her beauty and skincare routine, personal style and so much more! Read on to know.

You became extremely popular following the success of the song ‘Bijlee Bijlee’; had you expected such a response?

I had definitely not expected it. I anticipated the song doing well because I myself became a fan of the song immediately after I heard it. But, I didn’t know how people would perceive me. So, it really came as a special surprise; one that I will cherish forever.

But have also created a fanbase with your sense of style. How would you describe it?

I don’t think I have figured out a word for it myself yet. To be honest, I really just wear something according to how I am feeling that day. If I feel like wearing desi clothes, I will do so, and if I wish to wear baggy clothes I will do just that. I don’t try to confine myself to one aesthetic, I just wear what I feel like wearing.

Being an actor requires one toregularly apply makeup and hair care products, which can take a toll on the skin, hair. So, how do you manage to keep them healthy?

It does take a toll on your skin and hair, and hence, I think it is really important to get your skincare routine right — pre and post your makeup. I also take multivitamins because sometimes I feel a lot of our skin issues are hormonal. But using organic products has really helped me. I really enjoy the products from Soulflower since they are organic, and nurturing to the skin and hair. It’s a delight to be affiliated with the brand because I really stand by everything that they are doing for the skin and hair care industry.

Summers, especially, can be extremely harsh on the skin and hair. Do you swear by any DIY/home remedies for glowing skin and healthy hair?

I do not really swear by DIY home remedies; have never tried them. Though I remember when, in my teenage years, I experienced certain skin issues, my nani would prepare a mixture with haldi, yoghurt, and one more ingredient (that I am missing), or perhaps her love, that I used to apply on my skin. It did wonders for me at that time but I haven’t used the mix in a while.

What role does fitness play in your life? How often do you work out?

It plays a very crucial role in my life and is a part of my routine even though it is not something I necessarily enjoy. Despite being mundane, it is the one definite thing I have to do [everyday]. But once you get a hang of it, you almost get used to it and then, also start looking forward to it. I do Pilates twice a week, weight training thrice a week, and I also try to incorporate yoga once a week — a combination that has really worked out for me.

You will soon be making your film debut — have you ever sought any tips and tricks to make it successful in the industry from your mum?

My mom has always told me that if you keep your head on your shoulders, keep working hard and focus on what matters — which is my work and dream — then its all that matters; everything else is temporary.

The one thing no one knows about Palak Tiwari?

That I am the worst at handling suspense. So, if I am finding it hard to watch a film, I just need to know the ending — sometimes even before I watch it, for some very odd inexplicable reason. It is a horrible tendency, considering I want to get into the film industry. But, I just cannot stand suspense, cannot handle not knowing what’s going to happen. So, I always look up the film’s ending before watching it, and if god forbid, I am watching the film in the theaters and the plot isn’t out yet, I am sitting there covering my eyes because I cannot handle suspense well.

The fashion trend that you would never try and why?

To be honest, I had made a resolution to be a little more experimental, in general, in 2022. It was a subconscious thing, something I want to implement now. So, there is nothing that I am completely averse to, I want to be open to try new things and you never know what looks good on you once you try it on. And I think this is something I would want others to give a shot as well.

With success also comes failures; how do you deal with such emotions, especially when you’re associated with an industry that always puts you in the limelight?

In the new generation, where everything is under the limelight, and important topics like mental health are spoken about, it is important to understand that success and failure are part of life and failure doesn’t mean that your journey has to end there. I really think it’s prudent to tread cautiously when it comes to taking failure too strongly to your heart.  Sometimes, you just make a wrong choice and that all it is, it shouldn’t be taken as anything more than that because everyone gets second and third chances and it’s really important to not put that pressure on yourself.

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