Smile-makers: the top names in dentistry

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Dr Reena Wadia
Whip-smart, super-friendly and one of the most skilled periodontists in London, Dr Reena is best-known for her gum lift (RW Perio Gum Sculpting), which reshapes excess tissues for a tidy-looking smile. Surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic – she uses a hi-tech ‘droplet’ delivery system that eliminates discomfort. It takes from 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on
the amount of tissue to be removed.


Mr Piet Haers
This is the man to call on when wisdom teeth get serious. The Belgian oral and maxillofacial surgeon is wonderfully matter-of-fact: calmly yet swiftly diagnosing troublesome ‘third molars’ before they cause bigger problems, such as nerve impact, paralysis and loss of teeth. Surgery, often performed under general anaesthetic, is from either the Portland or London Bridge Hospital.


Dr Richard Marques
The ‘King of Smiles’ counts Rita Ora as a patient. Teeth are painted with a Philips Zoom whitening solution – and the dazzle kicks in as you doze horizontally – while he takes moulds for holding an at-home solution, to be worn over the teeth for five nights. Then he’ll send you off with his strawberry, mint or charcoal toothpaste so you’ll be smiling all the way home.


Dr Rhona Eskander
Glamorous and authoritative, Dr Rhona Eskander makes getting the best out of your teeth simple. She’s big news on Instagram, where you can see examples of her signature Chelsea Look – a trifecta of treatments including Invisalign, cosmetic bonding and whitening – designed to give patients a more natural result than veneers. Patients can have a sneak peek of how their teeth will look and choose how subtle or striking to go. ‘The new generation of dentists are moving away from invasive procedures towards straightening the teeth and allowing patients to see their progression from the outset,’ she says.


Dr Neil Counihan
Dr Counihan is a serious thrill-seeker: when he’s not motorcycling around Mexico and making expeditions to the South Pole, you’ll find him darting around the shiny Canon House Clinic in Beaconsfield. (Next up? A medical director post at the new Twoth clinic in St John’s Wood.) The charismatic orthodontist’s passion is making smiles look standout – via Invisalign, or his signature Damon braces, which use ‘sliding’ brackets to encourage teeth to shuffle gently into position. His secret skill is deciphering your muffled conversation, while peering inside your mouth; but it’s his natural results – ‘your teeth, but in the right place’ – that will have you recommending him to everyone you know.;


Dr Sameer Patel
The dental dream team, Dr Sameer Patel and his talented wife Shivani are aesthetic supremos. With practices in Harley Street and Henley-on-Thames, their goal is minimally invasive, preventative dentistry that keeps your teeth in gleaming working-order for the long run. An award-winning consultant orthodontist, Shivani will get your teeth ramrod straight for Sameer’s
veneers – which are better described as ‘skin for the teeth’, they are so natural-looking. With their digital smile-design, the minute your beaming future flashes on screen, you are begging for Sameer’s flawless Invisalign, the perfect anti-ageing facial resurrection.


Dr Andrew Dawood
Dr Dawood has a rather geeky love of technology. That’s because he helps to develop much of the equipment used in dentistry today – and hence the Bond-style laboratory in the basement of his Wimpole Street clinic. The pioneering dental surgeon is renowned for his super-speedy implants – moulds are taken and crowns produced in the in-house lab, so treatment takes a matter of hours, not days – while his innovative Trefoil device (a rotating titanium bracket, which is fixed to the lower jaw before implants are fitted) can close even the widest of gaps. Not forgetting his wife and business partner, Susan: a skilled prosthetic dentist with a fabulous taste in interiors (spot the Mae West lip-sofa in her room).


Jo Kennedy
Jo Kennedy provides a brilliantly convenient mobile service that brings Harley Street-standard hygienist treatments to your home. With nearly 20 years of deep-dental cleaning under her belt, Jo is highly regarded for routine appointments (she also does children) as well as teeth-whitening. She’ll arrive at your door, morning or night, with all the necessary equipment – fold-up dental chair, buffing tools and floss – then set to work. Less than 30 minutes later, teeth are spotless, with zero pain and minimum fuss. Genius.

This article was originally published in the Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2022.

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