Standout ingredients shaping the immune category

As we enter the third year of the pandemic, interest and demand for products that support the immune system continue to trend.

Direct sales distributor Shaklee recently surveyed millennials to gauge their attitudes about immune health and how it has evolved over the last three years. 

The survey included 2,000 adults in the United States between the ages of 22 and 39 years old.

The findings indicated that 70% of the respondents are more concerned with their health and wellness now than prior to the pandemic and 94% want to make health and wellness a priority this year.

Erin Barrett, PhD nutritional biochemistry, Director of Product Innovation and Scientific Affairs at Shaklee, explained that meeting those health and nutritional goals is easier said than done. 

“The average consumer now has a basic understanding that the ability of germs to make us sick depends not only on the strength of the germ, but also on the health of our immune system. And that it’s not only the germs we are exposed to over our lifetime, but also our lifestyle factors like diet and exercise, weight management, sleep and stress, that play an important role in the strength of our immune response,” ​said Barrett. “At Shaklee, we provide education on diet and lifestyle, and how these factors can affect immune health.”  

The immune category has experienced remarkable growth that has sparked new opportunities– but also made standing out in the crowded category more challenging than ever.

Barrett explained that one way Shaklee distinguishes itself is by offering a robust portfolio of products backed by hundreds of clinical studies, including the company’s Landmark Study​, as well as over 100 patents and pending patents all over the world.

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