The master of bespoke smiles, Dr Aastha Chandra is redefining cosmetic dentistry with her handiwork

She turns regular teeth into custom works of art. Meet Dr. Aastha Chandra, Mumbai-based master of cosmetic dentistry and the veneer queen who will handcraft the smile you truly deserve The feeling of having a big, beautiful smile that complements your features, personality and style can be quite empowering. Just like a luxury designer bag or limited edition sneaker that you see Instagram influencers promoting, a perfect set of pearly whites is a timeless fashion statement. Not only does it make you look and feel great, but it also helps you beam with confidence. If you have chipped away, discoloured, uneven teeth that are depriving you of feeling that eternal joy — it’s time to find an artist that can promise you the finest veneers in the business. Lucky for you, we have made your search for the best easier. Dr. Aastha Chandra — the maverick dentist and beautiful mind behind Opal Dental Care Studio, located in the heart of Juhu, Mumbai’s affluent suburb — is the one to watch out for. She’s an entrepreneur, doting wife and mother, daughter of two renowned doctors, one of the best smile design doctors in the country, and a woman who has her eye fixated on redefining the future of dentistry. Dr. Aastha’s journey began more than a decade ago, when she got accepted at one of the most reputable and competitive dental colleges in the country. Her years at Government Dental College allowed her to learn and hone her skills, but her true passion remained undiscovered. It was only after graduating and her first internship, that she got exposed to a very different side of dentistry, and quickly drawn to the cosmetic aspect. “The possibilities in cosmetic dentistry, especially with the nuances in technology, are endless. This intrigues me as much as it excites me”, quips Dr. Aastha. Over the next eleven years she explored various courses conducted by well-known dentists from around the world, and went from being a mentee to turning into a master of her craft. Today she has redesigned and handcrafted more than hundreds of smiles, some of which belong to famous influencers, movie stars, business personalities, NRIs and beyond. Along with designing the highest calibre bespoke smiles, her vision is clear: to redefine the concept of dentistry, diminish the negative connotations attached, and revolutionise modern cosmetic dentistry. When Dr. Aastha launched Opal Dental Care Studio, she did so with the mission to project the space as more than a drab, cold, eerie clinic. Dr. Aastha wants to provide her patients with an experience and warmth that they remember, and even look forward to. Usually, patients only visit dentists when they’re in pain. Dr. Aastha wants to change this once and for all. She explains, “I often tell my patients, that if everyone came for their regular check ups, and issues were treated in their nascent stage, all dentists would be out of business. Dentistry is not expensive, neglect is.” Famous for her kind and empathetic nature towards her patients, and her record-breaking time within which she redesigns smiles — painless smile makeovers within a week — she believes in maintaining a transparent process, with her patients fully apprised of every step, method, option and outcome. Any kind of dental work can be nerve wracking, especially when it changes how you look. To comfort and empathise with a patient’s fears, desires and concerns is one of the most important aspects of being a good doctor, and yet it is so often overlooked. Dr. Aastha is an expert diagnostician who explains everything from the root cause to the end finish. Her process involves an initial consultation, an in depth treatment discussion, and even a presentation of simulated smiles in cases of smile design or mouth rehabilitation.

Further to her gentle and meticulous approach, her motivation to perfection is steadfast. Dr. Aastha emphasises, “I believe that the best veneers are the ones that are undetectable, and that look, feel and function just like natural teeth. You have to remember that a smile is so much more than just a set of teeth — from the colour to the shape to the setting to the way your face lights up when everything is aligned — a healthy smile says so much about you. Plus, investing in a bespoke smile promises everlasting returns. When I see the satisfaction on a patient’s face through their renewed smile, it gives me the motivation to constantly keep innovating to make every smile even more glorious. At Opal Dental Care Studio, you will walk into a seven star luxury experience. The beautiful modern day aesthetic is designed to keep patients calm, cool and comfortable, as though they were at a spa ready to get pampered. From a curated menu of beverages, including your go-to Starbucks indulgence, to playing music of your choice and even streaming Netflix with personal noise cancelling headphones connected to a TV embedded in the ceiling, situated right above the patient’s chair — this is what dreams are made of. With state of the art machinery, hand crafted teakwood furniture, real copper inlays in seamless concrete floors and a spotless, safe and sterile ambience — Opal Dental Care Studio is unlike any other dental space you have been to. Besides making your smile your shining glory at the hands of premier cosmetic dentist, Dr. Aastha, the studio also offers dental services ranging from paediatric to geriatric dentistry. So come, and experience a timeless, painless, joyful dental adventure, unlike any other. Follow Opal Dental Care Studio on Instagram: opaldentalcarestudio You can call them and book yourself an appointment on 022 35144444 PWR PWR

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