Woden Dentist Acacia Dental Group Posts Article About Modern Dentistry

Acacia Dental Group, a dentist in Woden, has posted a blog post about the evolution of modern dentistry. Dentists in modern times are expected to do more than just general dentistry services. Dental practices need to provide their clients with quality dental care, advanced dentistry, modern technology, competitive prices, and, most importantly, excellent patient care.

Customers today want to be greeted by name, to feel valued by the company, and to receive the best quality treatment, products and services. Dental practices need to meet them on all of these counts to be successful and have happy returning customers. Modern dentistry also has many more advanced treatments in its toolkit, including restorative and cosmetic dental procedures to help people have positive experiences with dentistry and healthy relationships with their teeth. For example, Acacia Dental Group in Woden offers such modernized dental treatments as crowns, veneers, and Invisalign tooth straightening technology.

Modern dentistry in Woden

Crowns at Acacia Dental Group are made using CEREC technology so shaping a tooth down and fitting a crown can all be done in one visit. Previously, patients would need to wait weeks for dental crowns to be placed, as the process for creating a crown involved sending a cast of the reshaped tooth to a lab and waiting for a properly fitting dental crown to be created and shipped back to the dentist, at which point it could be placed back in the patients’ mouth, requiring a second visit and a long wait. With CEREC technology, modern dentists, such as those at Acacia Dental Group, do a digital 3D scan of the teeth, which is then used to make a crown, in house during the appointment, which looks and feels like the natural tooth. The entire process, from 3D scans to polishing and fitting the custom-made crown, generally only takes about an hour, in one single appointment. CEREC, which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, relies on Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing to create a strong ceramic dental crown that will function as a healthy natural tooth for the purposes of eating and speaking. CEREC can also be used to make dental veneers, which are thin shells made of porcelain or resin composite that cover just the front of the teeth. These are just a few of the many modern dental care options offered by the Dentist Woden at Acacia Dental Group.

The website for Acacia Dental Group has lots of useful information for new patients considering booking their first appointment with their dentists. For example, new patients are not charged for their initial consultation with a dentist at Acacia dental group. If the dentist recommends treatment, then all options and costs will be explained up front and without obligation, so the client can decide how to move forward. The clinic also offers a “First-Time Patient” package, which includes a comprehensive oral examination, professional teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, and an updated diagnostic panoramic radiograph for just $245. Acacia Dental accepts all health funds available in Australia, and offer bulk billing for children and Veterans Affairs Gold Health Card holders. They also have payment plans available to help patients access the dental care they need.

New patients can expect their initial appointment to take up to an hour so they can spend time getting to know their dentist, and asking questions if any should arise. Acacia Dental Group prides themselves on building strong relationships with their patients, and, as a family-run dental clinic, they put the needs of their patients before profits, because they care about their communities. Acacia Dental Group has been offering quality, modern dentistry to the people of Canberra since the ‘70s, and the dentists at the practice continue to dedicate themselves to meeting every patient’s need and offering a warm welcome to everyone who walks in their door.

Readers who are looking for a family owned dental practice that will offer them the most advanced dental technology on the market need look no further than Acacia Dental Group.


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